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Having spent 30 years in the biscuit baking business, I know that our favourites are not what they once were; over the years taste has been compromised by the big manufacturers. Our biscuits are inspired by original recipes - simple ingredients such as syrup, fruit peel, demerara sugar, molasses, butter and trusted methods - mixing very slowly, rolling out our dough and cutting it. Great taste is our only aim.

Complaining so often about biscuits, my wife said I had to put up or shut up! I called my first ever biscuit boss and he said you can only do it if people prefer your biscuits at least twice as much as the brand leaders; so that became our benchmark. I met all my baker friends and asked them if we could do it? It took a long time and a lot of baking but we finally did.
Could we find a bakery that could make it to our specification? Fortunately we could! A robot at the packaging end but a big home style mixer at the front end where we can add bags of good things– in the big factories, everything has to go down a pipe.
A simple approach with a bit of love - that’s PROPER biscuits.

Simon Tuckey Simon Tuckey, Founder

DigestivesDemonstrably Different

Our proper Tuckey's Digestives are inspired by original recipes, simply using traditional ingredients such as demerara sugar, molasses and butter.

The recipe we use today originates back to the 1950's which is based on an even older one created by one of our co-founder''s great grandfathers - the man who actually invented the digestive biscuit, Sir Alexander Grant.

How do you make Proper Demonstrably Different Digestive Biscuits

1 You seek inspiration from old recipe books. One of our co founders is Mark Laing – his great grandfather actually invented Digestive for McVitie’s in 1892 so we looked at that recipe – not many people have done that recently! In the end we learnt the most from a famous baker called W.H.Smith

2 You try stuff out: we knew butter would make a difference but we didn’t know what proportion of our shortening it should be ……..so we tried lots of different levels

3 Sweetness. We were pretty certain that demerara sugar would give us a more mellow sweetness than granulated but it was W.H. who prompted us to add molasses as well

4 Mixing slowly. So much of life is about speed but we were 100% certain that a 25 minute mix would be better than the industry standard of 5 or 6 minutes

5 Rolling out and cutting: if you want a fast efficient bakery, then mould your biscuit dough; if you want the perfect texture, then do what you do at home – roll out your dough and cut it.

ShortcakesFabulously Fruity

Our proper Tuckey's Fruit Shortcakes are inspired by original recipes, simply using traditional ingredients such as syrup, fruit peel and bun spices.

Our recipe is based on one we re-discovered from back in the 1970's. It stipulates the addition of fruit peel: we use orange and lemon peel mixed with a little syrup and a dash of Lemon Oil - this gives the biscuit an extra and delightful tang.

How do you make Proper Fabulously Fruity Shortcakes

1 Recipes: you look at all the fruit shortcake recipes you can find. Depressingly, until Tuckey’s Proper, there seems to be only 1 recipe on sale in the UK

2 You don’t just add extra fruit, you think about how to make it more succulent and delicious so you try soaking it in water for an hour before you bake. It really works – Simon “I wanted to soak it in tea and we tried but it didn’t work”

3 Get inspired by other fruity food: I love Hot Cross Buns so we asked a bun baker to help us put together a spice blend that would compliment the fruit. We think it tastes really good

4 Think laterally. We wondered if there was another way to get the best taste out of the fruit and tried a lemon oil from Morocco that we just happened to have! It’s a tiny addition but really enhances the taste

5 Then think laterally again: we liked the sound of a recipe with fruit peel as well as currants. It’s a fiddle but it’s worth it.

tuckeys shortcakes

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